Video Games And Kids With Intellectual Disabilities

medical breakthroughsIf you have a child at home with intellectual disabilities, then you might be wondering what to do about letting him or her play video games like his or her peers do. There seems to be no harm at all in letting your child play video games. In fact, some studies show that frequent gamers end up with better cognitive abilities than the rest of us. So, playing the games might actually benefit your child a little bit. This means that you no longer have a good reason to keep denying your kid that new Xbox or Playstation.

Of course, some kids have disabilities that are bit more debilitating than others. And that means that getting them on the video game playing path is not as simple as going out shopping for the best 5.1 gaming headset and gaming console for them. Nope, some kids need special equipment in order to be able to get any enjoyment out of those gaming consoles and cool games.

There is something cool called the Emotiv EPOC that is making it easier for those kids with more severe disabilities to get a little enjoyment from video gaming like their peers. This revolutionary new device is perfect for those with disabilities that make it next to impossible for communication to take place. You see, it actually work to intercept all the various electrical brain fluctuations that are going on in that little head and then works quickly to interpret them so that they make sense of what the person is actually thinking. Pretty cool device, eh?

Of course the uses of this device go far beyond something as simple as a gaming headset. And, it can be used with both kids and adults. Think about it – what if someone is in an accident that leaves them unable to speak and communicate with friends and family, despite being perfectly okay otherwise. With a device like this around, communication becomes a reality and no longer just a dream or wish.

Granted, just because such a gadget is out there and works in such a manner that it could be a miracle for lots of people across the world, it is sadly not that simple. The price of new devices like these are typically so incredibly high that only the wealthy can afford them in the first place. And that usually means that a health insurance plan will not cover the cost of such a thing, especially if you are on Medicare or a state based health insurance assistance plan. But knowing that something like this is available out there gives you a good place to start work lobbying insurance companies and doctors so that you can get such a thing available to your child and all the others out there like him. And who knows, maybe at some point in the near future these types of gadgets will be cheaper and more available on a mass scale so that anyone who needs such as thing has easy access to it for their family members who need it.