Best Sports for Kids with Autism

Exercising and sports are not only good for our bodies, but they are also good for our minds as well. Team sports help children to work as a team and gain some social skills as well as confidence. However, these team sports aren’t the best for kids with autism because of the coordination that is required. With that said, there are several sports that are perfect for kids with autism. Here are three examples:

1) Swimming

If your child doesn’t have particularly good ball-handling skills, then swimming could be the perfect sport for them. Learning how to swim could be challenging, but in the end it could be very rewarding for the child. Teaching them simple strokes and playing typical water games would give them a great amount of exercise and also strengthen their body and mind. Participating in a swim team organization could also be valuable because the child could interact with others, but still perform individually. Or maybe another watersport like stand up paddleboarding is a good option.

2) Track and Field

There are many events in track and field that could be perfect for children with autism. The training can be as calm or as intense as you think your child can handle. Like swimming, track and field is a team sport, but kids compete individually. Events like running and jumping could give a child with autism a great amount of confidence while also stimulating their mind. Since there are several events that can be trained on, your child will have a better chance of remaining engaged in activities rather than getting bored at the repetitiveness.

3) Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a great therapeutic activity for children with autism. Autistic children seem to be able to communicate better with animals than other humans so this is the perfect opportunity to allow them to bond with their horse. Aside from the fact that horseback riding can be a little expensive, making multiple trips to take your child could be beneficial to them. Since human interaction is not their strength, allowing them to bond with a horse could enhance their social skills and would be very rewarding and relaxing for your child.

Having your autistic child being involved with one of these three sports could be very important in their development. Not only will it give them something to work toward achieving, but it could also increase their social skills. Of course, if you find out that your child doesn’t like any of these sports, then don’t force them to continue on. As many people say, the best sport for your child is the one that they love the most. You may discover that your autistic child is not a fan of any type of outdoor sports but thrives in a home gym or workout room on something like an indoor rowing machine or treadmill.

Experiment with your child to see what they respond the best to and encourage them to set goals and try to reach them. Set a specific training program so they have something to fall back on and know exactly what they have to do to achieve their goals. This could end up being one of the most rewarding experiences that you and your autistic child have together.